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The Spanish Guitarist, Bob Hooper, playing music

Bob has selected a unique collection of the most popular guitar pieces of all time, and transcribed them by hand into simple tablature - in the best format for finger picking guitar.

Our guitar tabs are easy to read, accurate and affordable at £5 each.

Check out the excellent videos, then go ahead and buy the tabs with your usual Credit Card (using the PayPal Checkout), or simply PayPal.

The Videos - Bob has worked hard to gather this great collection of guitar pieces for you. So, watch the videos and enjoy.

Test Page - Check out an example of Bob's tab on the 'buy tab' page - give it try.

So, what is Guitar tab? - Okay - that's a method of writing tablature for the guitar. It's a simple notation system that's been around for a few hundred years, specifically for fretted and stringed instruments. See a sample on the 'buy tab' page.

The Learning Method - Use the tablature in conjunction with watching Bob's YouTube videos. This enables you to hear the timing and phrasing, and to understand how the music should be played.

Bob's tabs includes essential fingering and chord diagrams - this is not always available in everyday tablature, but we think it's an essential part of the learning process. It's been carefully designed so you can quickly start to play your music.