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Bob Hooper

the Maestro of the guitar

Bob Hooper brings you the great guitar tabs of AcousticGuitarTabs.biz ... (thanks bob)

Bob started playing guitar in his early teens and taught himself by listening to the pop music of the day and was soon playing in local bands in his home town in Wales.
Since those early days Bob developed his skill by travelling away to study with two world famous flamenco guitarists, Paco Peña and Juan Martín - who better to study with than the best?

Bob the Teacher

Bob has taught finger style guitar for over 20 years and has an intuative understanding of how the music should be played on this instrument. Encouraging the talents of the young and old alike - electric or unplugged, finger style or struming. Have fun learning without hassle with Bob.

Bob the Performer

People love to listen to Bob play. He's travelled the world performing in the luxury of Dubai, in Mombasa's 5-star hotels in beautiful Kenya, and in the hustle and bustle of exotic Thailand. He's played throughout Europe and in the scenic splendour of Jersey, and closer to home for the BBC World Service. Bob's always out and about playing at weddings, business parties and private parties - that's his favourite thing to do!


picture of Bob

Now Bob is settled in London and has been performing here for many years. He plays at weddings, private parties and corporate events - showcasing his extraordinary talent and versitility of styles.


Bob shares his tabs with you

These are some of Bob's finest peices - so, whatever your style - Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Celtic, Ragtime, Flamenco, Bossa Nova or Classical - Bob has the tab for you.